90-stringed (eight 2-string
wound choirs, thirty-seven 2-string
unwound choirs)
63-keyed (keyboard extent is F
of the great octave — g of the
three-line octave)

Master G. Lehner.
Hungary, Presburg, 1816

“Gottlieb bürgerlicher / Instrumentmacher wonhaft / in Presburg auf der Hochstrasse / den [further handwritten inscription by black dye] 19 Janari Anno 1816” — a printed paper label glued to the inside of the left side bar

Wood, metal, fabric, bone

1924, transferred from the Association of Musical Enterprises
Stock number: 16516/1064

The key action is tangent. The case is mounted on 4 legs. The color scheme of the keys is opposite to the modern one .